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    Tianjin Puyou Mech. & Elec. Equipment Corporation was found in 1997. It is a special factory developing, designing, manufacturing and servicing submersible electric motors, pumps, submersible dredging package and matched equipment. At president, the corporation is located in Jinnan Economic Development Area, Tianjin, it covers 17.5 mu area, and the building area is approximately 8000 ㎡. The staff are more than 90 people. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a listed corporation. It has over 30 independently developed patents.

   Since PUYOU establishment, the company adheres to the concept of "Let Quality Promote Development", always pays attention to the industry trends, continuously trains innovation team, strives to create high-quality products and takes the road of creating industry brand. PUYOU fully implements and ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, SY/T6276-2014 standards, and established systems of quality, environment and occupational health and safety. PUYOU passed the system certification of DNV and CCS, and the factory certification of BV.

The corporation has more than 100 sets of special equipment, built a large pump test station, equipped with its own generator set. It can be used for accurate performance test about large flow and high head pumps, and carry out factory test and type test for high power motor. Through the third party product certification and full implementation of quality management system standards ensure that the company can always provide customers with high-quality products and satisfactory service. Vertical shaft fire pump and horizontal split case fire pump have the FM Approvals, vertical shaft fire pump has the UL certificate, submersible electric motor and submersible pump have the ABS certificateand submersible electric motor has the CE certificate. PUYOYU is the first domestic enterprise to obtain CE, FM, and ABS product certifications. Submersible pumps, seawater submersible three-phase asynchronous motors are the only products in China that have obtained CCS type certification.

After 27 years hard work, the corporation's products are widely used in offshore platform, channel dredging, submarine engineering, special standard fire-fighting, mining, naval materials and equipment, environmental protection, water treatment and other fields. The products have a certain market share in domestic related industries and they have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions. Seawater submersible pump has become the first brand in the markets of domestic offshore oil, offshore engineering ship and offshore platform, the products enjoy a high market share in China and has been exported to Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The product approximately is 7-8% of the global offshore oil and engineering market share. Submersible dredging electric motor creates the first localization of similar products, and it becomes the leading brand of domestic dredging industry, and PUYOU is the chief editor of group standard for this product in China. The technology of this product has reached the international advanced level. The products are exported to more than 10 countries and regions, such as Netherlands and Germany. The export of vertical shaft fire pump ranks the top among the domestic products, and the products have been exported to markets of the Middle East, Southeast Asia and European. Deep-water submersible electric motor and submersible sand pump have developed synchronously with the world's advanced technology level. The products have been exported to the markets of Asia, South America and European. Deepwater lake and reservoir dredging package products is the first practical case in China, and the product has provided valuable experience for the domestic deep-water dredging industry. In response to the national call for dual carbon emissions and to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, PUYOU has developed a pipeline integrated generator using the latest technology. This is the first product in China to achieve the use of high-power underwater generators for power generation, which has been put into use in China. At present, the company's products have achieved Chinese manufacturing of foreign monopoly equipment, and reverse export of domestically produced high-end equipment from abroad.

At present, PUYOU has after-sales service stations in Singapore, Indonesia, Italy, etc, and it is preparing to build after-sales service station in UAE and other places.

PUYOU has two investment holding subsidiaries: Liaoning EP Fire-fighting System Co., Ltd.( Sino Italian joint venture), and Puyou Machinery Industry(Liaoning) Co., Ltd.. They are located in Zhangwu Economic Development Area, Fuxin City, Liaoning Province. Puyou Machinery is the company researching and developing, casting metal parts, it provides copper, stainless steel, dual phase steel, nodular iron and other materials castings to the customers. EP is the company manufacturing fire-fighting package, its products are used in high-end fire-fighting market at home and abroad, and exported to Europe and other countries. Puyou Machinery is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Tianjin Puyou, it has purchased 56 mu land in Zhangwu Economic Development Area, Liaoning Province, and has been successively put into construction, it will become the production and manufacturing base of PUYOU and its holding subsidiaries.

At present, PUYOU R&D team consists of more than 30 people, including 10 senior engineers, 9 intermediate engineers, 5 master's degree holders, and more than 10 senior technicians. The company focuses on product research and development, continuously cultivates an innovative team, adheres to the principles of "training, re discussion, and extensive communication", and formulates and implements training plans every year to promote team members to update their thinking, open up the vision field, standing at the forefront of the international community, engaging in in-depth exchanges with senior industry experts, thereby expanding the landscape, focusing on the world, expanding professional fields, improving skill levels, accumulating strength for the company's innovation, and empowering the company's continuously launched high-quality products. At present, the company's personnel have held positions such as "Expert of the World Reservoir Dredging Working Group of the World Dredging Association", "Member of the Asia Pacific Advisory Committee of FM Approvals in the United States", "Technical Expert of the China Dredging Association", and "Director of the China Dredging Association". He has repeatedly presented innovative achievements at the World Dredging Conference, collaborated with 985 universities and research institutes, and undertaken and completed product development work in the national 863 and 963 plans.

Looking forward to the future, The company will implement the spirit of the national and municipal "14th Five Year Plan" and the 2035 long-term goals, accurately grasp the profound changes in the domestic and foreign development environment and conditions. In the new development pattern of "building domestic circulation as the main body and promoting domestic and foreign dual circulation", further adjustment, restructuring, and optimization of product structure. We will continue to deepen our efforts in the fields of deep-sea electric motors, specialized fire-fighting, dredging equipment, etc. We will continue to expand our focus in areas such as green energy conservation and surplus energy generation, strengthen our brand, and solidify our industry. Enable the company's products to have international authoritative certification and environmental labeling, and go global, realizing the dream of Chinese manufacturing serving the world.