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4-stroke high power 4 inch diesel high pressure sewage pump

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Light weight and easy to move. Use high-pressure casting aluminum alloy shell to check the seal of the water pump. 

Light weight and easy to move. Use high-pressure casting aluminum alloy shell to check the seal of the water pump. When checking, first unplug the power plug, block the suction port with your hand, fill the water pump with water, use the mouth to hold the outlet and blow it inward to see if the pump head is Leakage, leakage is where the seal is damaged. Common fault areas include suction pad, water outlet pad, and impeller cover pad, which should be replaced during maintenance. If there is no full water phenomenon, the impeller is damaged, the water in the water absorption chamber and the water outlet chamber is eroded, the pump head water is blocked, the impeller and the pump casing are increased, and the impeller and the pump casing should be replaced. . When replacing the wheel, care should be taken to completely remove the residual copper blades in the pump to avoid damage to the new impeller again. The foam filter design is easy to clean and has a longer practical life. OHV overhead valve design, lower operating temperature, higher fuel efficiency, cleaner emissions. Damping pad, improve pump stability, lower vibration level, no less wear. The self-priming function makes pumping faster and easier to operate. Cast iron cylinder liner is more wear resistant.

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