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Introduce the application of industrial robot in metallurgical industry

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With the development of robot technology, more and more robots are being used. Suzhou weldi mechanical and Electrical Automation Co., Ltd., based on the application of 
With the development of robot technology, more and more robots are being used. Suzhou weldi mechanical and Electrical Automation Co., Ltd., based on the application of robotics, numerical control technology and product research and development for many years, developed a series of numerical control handling, assembly robot and welding robot, which have been widely used in metal metallurgy and automobile manufacturing based on the linear positioning system and mechanical arm of OTC company of Japan. It is an important equipment in aviation, automobile and other industries.
In the field of metal casting, handling robots have wide application and demand. The following is a handling robot which we work on the aluminum ingot casting production line according to our customer's requirements. It is characterized by large load range, small to several kilograms, large to several tons, fast running speed, adjustable speed, flexible operation, complex work task, high reliability, simple maintenance and task. Requirements: according to the work category: the movement space is three-dimensional, four degrees of freedom movement.
Itinerary: X direction 2200mm, Y direction 1500mm, Z direction 1200mm, horizontal rotation: +-900 can be integrated with production line, and has good communication function.
Maximum load weight is 150Kg, rated load 125Kg. layer and interlayer 90 degrees angle cross emissions.
Each time nine layers, the height of the layer is 1000mm.
The fastest speed is 1000mm/s, and the average speed is 500mm/s.
Precision: 1mm two, robot composition: robot is composed of mounting frame, robot positioning system, servo drive system, glue supply system and coating gun, control system, electric control distribution system, safety protection device and so on.
1, the robot installation rack because the robot's movement speed is very fast, the starting and stopping state has a great impact on the mounting rack. The installation rack must have very good rigidity to ensure the stability of robot operation. Therefore, we use welded steel frame as supporting frame.
2. Robot positioning system robot positioning system is the core of the whole equipment. For Japanese OTC company products, because of fast moving speed and not high repetition precision, X, Y, Z three coordinates are selected for synchronous tooth belt transmission, the single coordinate repetition positioning accuracy is 0.1mm, the fastest linear movement speed is: 1000mm/s. and X coordinate axis is two. The root length is 3000mm and the span is 2200mm, ELZ100. The synchronous transmitter ensures the synchronization of the motion of the two positioning systems, and is driven by a 3000W servo motor. A reducer is needed to match the driving torque and inertia.