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15KW20KW25KW vehicle single three-phase multi-fuel generator set

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15KW20KW25KW vehicle single-phase three-phase multi-fuel generator set is a new type of generator set integrating environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency.

15KW20KW25KW vehicle single-phase three-phase multi-fuel generator set is a new type of generator set integrating environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency. It has the characteristics of quick start, convenient use and maintenance, long service life, etc. It can adapt to the harsh environment of various field operations. In addition, it has a complete automatic protection device, which can be used for unattended operation. China's natural gas power generation is still in its infancy. On the one hand, the implementation of natural gas power generation projects can make rational use of natural gas resources, on the other hand, it can alleviate the tension between urban and rural electricity consumption and adapt to the needs of economic development. In addition, natural gas power generation also plays a positive role in environmental protection. The city's small natural gas heat, electricity, and cold supply have good energy conservation, environmental protection and economic benefits, and have broad prospects. Therefore, it has a strong practical significance for the research and development of small natural gas power generation equipment. Natural gas power generation itself is a complex dynamic system, which integrates multiple processes such as gas flow, combustion, expansion, mechanical reciprocating motion, electromagnetic induction, etc., and it is very difficult to control its output frequency. Most of the control methods currently used are difficult to achieve good results.